The off-load at High Island,Tx.Lt.Muscles Foster-Rt.Les Fuller
Book cover
Every great true story starts with an
great adventure.The largest marijuana
smuggling operation in U.S. history and
subsequently the largest forfeiture of  
attachable assets under the laws of
influenced corrupt organization act
Cowboys operating a fleet of 80-ft,procuring 40,000 lbs.of
Columbian red bud marijuana on the
coast of Santa Marta,Columbia,3,000
miles,18-days at sea,port to port.Base
port was High Island,TX.which is on the
Texas gulf coast.So aptly named.Also
operated from Florida and
Georgia.These horsetrainers operated
at the watershed of technology in the
early 80's.No GPS,No satellite tracking
gooseneck trailers and vast horse
ranches used to distribute coast  to
coast.40lb. bales of Columbian red bud
marijuana concealed with 40lb.bales of
Alfalfa hay.The perfect operation.
Muscles Foster(pictured right)was
trainer of six-time ACHA,NQHA world
champion cutting horse ''Cutterbill''.
(Pictured rt.)Les Fuller,first Marlboro
man(ad model),horsetrainer and
shrimpboat captain.Florida big-time
smuggler Carlos''San Ramone''Gerdes
of Brazilian descent introduced the
cowboys to the Brazilian fashion models
of South Beach,Florida,that was all the
motivation these cowboys
needed.40,000 pound loads of
Columbian red bud distributed through
vast horse ranches in
Ocala,Florida,Newton,Georgia and
several of Texas multi-millionare
oilman,rancher Rex Cauble.How did
these cowboys clean up the
$millions?What happens in Las Vegas
stays in Las Vegas.No limits,Texas
Hold'em.World champion horse trainer
and cowboy Muscles Foster was also
world class at Texas
hold'em(poker).These cowboys were
full tilt,full time. Available at
bookstores, and
Barnes&''Timeless American
classic''...L.A. Times.
Exceedingly fascinating,page
turner.-Washinhton Post
Blockbuster non-fiction.-The New York
Times.Pop culture meets old
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South Florida powerboat smuggling
gave way to shrimpboats and cowboy
style.Cowboys,horsemen and
ranchers.The horse and cattle
business was the perfect cover..
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